Flying News

Video: Biggin Hill to Old Buckenham

It was about time I used my pilots license to actually travel somewhere!  I’ve spent so much time flying locally, practicing procedures and techniques, that I was beginning to forget what the purpose of this all was.  I chose to fly to Old Buckenham Aerodrome in Norfolk, since it was only about 1 hour away.

Work News

Footie fan with Down’s Syndrome attacked

Police are investigating after a football fan with Down’s Syndrome was abused and assaulted by a Brighton and Hove Albion supporter, because he was wearing a Crystal Palace shirt.

Video: Pilot decision making

Light aircraft flying is all about making decisions.  Be it about the weather, which route to fly, how much fuel to carry etc etc.  Viewers from my YouTube channel have told me that they really enjoy watching me make those decisions in my videos, so this film explores that process in more detail.

Battle of Waterloo re-enactment

A re-enactment of the moment news of the Duke of Wellington’s victory in the Battle of Waterloo reached Britain has been held in Broadstairs. Two hundred years ago, one of the Duke’s aides rowed into Viking Bay, fresh from the battlefield, carrying the Waterloo dispatch, detailing the allies’ victory. Jon Hunt reports.