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I’m a private pilot, sharing videos of my adventures in the air.
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Bonus video: March Update

Surveillance Radar Approach

Bonus video: Alternator warning light

Bonus: Rainbow landing

Differences training: Arrow 3 Startup & taxi

Differences training: Arrow 3 cockpit

Groundschool: Constant speed propeller

Groundschool:  Retractable undercarriage

Featured video

Behind the scenes at Farnborough Radar (LARS)

In August 2017 I was invited by NATS to film a piece about their Lower Airspace Radar Unit at Farnborough Airport.  It provides services to aircraft flying around London’s main airports up to FL100.

About me

About Jon Hunt

I started uploading flying videos on YouTube in 2014, as a way to share my travels and adventures with my friends and family.

Special features

Can a private pilot land a 737?

I’m thrown into the deep end, and made to land a 737 simulator, after a hypothetical emergency on-board, that leaves the flight deck crew incapacitated.

Aerodrome procedures series

I’ve been busy filming a new mini series, demonstrating aerodrome and radiotelephony procedures in the UK.