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I’m a private pilot, sharing videos of my adventures in the air.
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Weather school

Because I’m now flying further afield and on multi-day trips, I needed to improve my forecasting skills. So I attended a special weather school for pilots.

I Probably should have gone-around

Welshpool has a higher circuit than most aerodromes, because of terrain. Owing to a slight mis-judgement, I struggled to lose the height in time for landing.

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Bonus video: June member update

Member update 1 June 2019

Bonus video: Filming at Wolverhampton

Bonus video: May subscriber update

Bonus video: April Update

Bonus video: Prepping for flight

Bonus video: Biggin Hill local flight

Bonus: How I edit my videos


Newsletter 17/03/19

Firstly, the good news. Oscar Romeo’s engine has been rebuilt and will be fitted to the airframe in the next couple of weeks. This process has obviously taken far, far longer than anyone envisaged.

About me

About Jon Hunt

Jon Hunt is a BBC regional TV news reporter, and private pilot based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. A video journalist, Jon films, scripts and edits much of his own material, as well as reporting live from location.

Special features

European adventure

In May 2018 I joined three other aircraft on a five day tour of Europe, flying through France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Belgium.