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I’m a private pilot, sharing videos of my adventures in the air.
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Latest videos

Full ATC – Behind the scenes

In part 3 of my aerodrome and radio telephony series, I demonstrate the procedures used when operating from an aerodrome in the UK with full ATC.

AFISO aerodrome procedures and RT

In part 2 of this series, I demonstrate the procedures and typical radiotelephony when operating from an AFISO aerodrome in the UK. I visit Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green aerodrome.

Behind the scenes at an air-ground aerodrome

I’m pleased to release part 1 in my long-anticipated series which goes behind the scenes at UK aerodromes.  In the four episodes, I give real-world examples of what’s involved with flying into and out of various types of aerodrome in the UK, and highlight the differences in  procedures.

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Flying from the UK to the Netherlands

Live hangout 24 November 1930UTC

Bonus video: Landing at Rotterdam

Aerodrome procedures and radiotelephony

Bonus video: Tight base, RWY 36 Redhill

I made it to Rotterdam

Bonus video: International flight planning

Bonus video: Redhill to Southend

Featured video

Behind the scenes at Farnborough Radar (LARS)

In August 2017 I was invited by NATS to film a piece about their Lower Airspace Radar Unit at Farnborough Airport.  It provides services to aircraft flying around London’s main airports up to FL100.

About me

About Jon Hunt

Jon Hunt is a BBC regional TV news reporter, and private pilot based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. A video journalist, Jon films, scripts and edits much of his own material, as well as reporting live from location.

Special features

Engine trouble

I have news from Oscar Romeo’s annual.  The annual is mandatory maintenance to light aircraft, and involves a five day inspection.