Video: Standard overhead join

The standard overhead join is a common method of joining an aerodrome circuit in the UK.  It often causes confusion, and isn’t universally loved.  In my latest video I attempt to demonstrate how it is flown.

This is an approach to land at Earls Colne aerodrome, which has a very narrow (10m) wide tarmac runway.  With the crosswind component at 13 knots, this concerned me a little, but the landing was very smooth.

For a written/graphical guide to this approach, look up the CAA’s excellent ‘Skyway Code’ document, which has a section on aerodrome joining methods.

Video: How to fly the Standard Overhead Join




6 Comments on "Video: Standard overhead join"

  1. What a beautiful day for flying. Well done for taking on the 12kn crossing on such a narrow runway.. and what a great landing! Thanks for sharing Jon.

  2. Hi Jon.
    Those new camera mounts give fantastic views. Nice landing on that tiny rwy as well.

  3. Good video and nice flying Jon.

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