From Austria to England in a PA28

This is the final episode in my European Adventure series.  I fly from Linz in Austria to Redhill in England.

Having been split up from our group, due to challenging weather over the Austrian Alps, my friend Alastair and I plan and execute our return to the UK.  The challenge facing us on this flight was low cloud and visibility across northern Europe in the morning.  It was forecast to clear, but it had to be closely monitored so that we didn’t set off, above a cloud layer, unable to descend through it en route.  In the UK this wouldn’t have been a problem, because of my restricted instrument rating, but for 4-5 hours I legally couldn’t use this to help me.

Siegerland was mid-way on our route back to Lydd (where Alastair had left his car), they had AVGAS, and with an email to customs/border force there we could use the strip as our pit-stop.  The airport was extremely helpful and friendly, had a very efficient fuel service, and the full-service restaurant was a real change from the usual airport dining options.

The leg from Sigerland to Lydd was positively boring!  We flew a straight line all the way back to Lydd through Germany, Belgium and France.  We were even cleared through the Brussells TMA.  Imagine doing that VFR over the top of London at FL060.

I hope you enjoy the film!

If you have any questions arising from this series, please comment on the video, or drop me a line.  I shall be teaming up with James from Buddy’s Aviation, who organised the excursion, to answer those questions in a forthcoming episode.

You can read a full trip report here, if you haven’t done so already.


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  1. | 15th September 2018 at 5:06 pm | Reply

    Hi Jon, outstanding end to an outstanding trip! Its been utterly mesmerising following you along this trip and I am actually sad its come to an end as its been a thrilling watch, educational and totally inspiring! Bravo Jon, thanks for the work you put in to bring these adventures to us and looking forward to your next video! All the best, Julian

  2. Jon, Thanks as ever for another brilliant video, for which many thanks. Not finished yet, but I am watching you pass south of Nuremburg. May I ask why you give Nuremburg ATC IFR waypoints for your route when you are flying VFR and (IIUC) may only do so when outside the UK? I appreciate that it may be easier for them as they will be used to mainly IFR traffic, but is there a danger that they will think you are IFR (or IFR-able) and a problem could result? Thanks Robin

    • Hi, thanks Robin. I’m not aware of any reference that a GPS waypoint can only be used when flying IFR. It’s a GPS waypoint, and in my view, the flight rules are irrelevant. I choose my flight rules, as does the weather…not the controller. So even if the controller thinks I might be capable of flying IFR, and offers me an instrument approach, then I will choose whether or not I can accept it. A terminal controller, is far more likely to know where a GPS waypoint is, than a small town, or landmark. Also, by specifying a clear routing, from x gps position, to y gps position, the controller will likely have more confidence that I’ll be flying that course accurately. That’s just my view on the matter, and happy to be corrected about the use of GPS waypoints when flying IFR.

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