New video: Redhill to Deauville

Before Oscar Romeo was grounded, Instructor James Lee & I flew to Deauville in France for lunch.

Obviously, we wouldn’t have flown over 70 miles of sea had we known Oscar Romeo’s engine was about to be condemned!   This was my last flight in the aeroplane before it was grounded at the annual maintenance check.  

Coincidentally, during this flight, James talked about what to do in the event of an engine failure over water and  answered some of your questions.

Flying to Deauville was easier than flying to Biggin Hill.  No requirement for PPR (as far as I could see), so I sent a flight plan and just took off.

Engine update

Oscar Romeo’s engine has now been boxed up and shipped to Nicholson McLaren for overhaul.


4 Comments on "New video: Redhill to Deauville"

  1. Hi Jon. Great video and I don’t care how you pronounce Duvall! May I ask you list the key music you use somewhere. I loved the end song on the film but can’t find it. What is it called please. Sorry to bother you with this.

  2. Hi Jon, you should have joined our group at Biggin and fly a fully IFR equipped Liberty XL2. Wouldn’t filing a flightplan substitude for PPRing at Biggin? Still true though that PPRing is less common on the near continent. Keep up the good work and good luck with your engine overhaul.

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