New video: Poor airmanship

Airmanship is what keeps pilots and their passengers alive. I found the standard of mine lacking when I reviewed the video from a recent flight.

I film my flights so I can learn and improve, and this flight was a great example of that principle working in practice. On reviewing the footage from a recent flight to Turweston, I was horrified to see a catalogue of errors occurring, owing to poor airmanship on my part. A series of problems flowed from my indecision, and my desire to cut a corner to save time and money. I hope you enjoy the film.

Paying subscribers can study the GPS track from this flight here.

2 Comments on "New video: Poor airmanship"

  1. Hi Jon.

    Thanks for sharing your mistakes with us. I’m always left feeling like there is something I should have done better once i’m back on the ground and reflecting on a flight (no matter how short).

    How did it feel being back in IZ at Biggin?

    • Thanks Toby. You haven’t flown, unless you felt there was something you could have done better. Slotted right back into IZ at Biggin. Like I never left!

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