I Probably should have gone-around

Welshpool has a higher circuit than most aerodromes, because of terrain. Owing to a slight mis-judgement, I struggled to lose the height in time for landing.

I flew from Redhill to Welshpool with my friend Alastair. In the PA28, we travelled from Surrey to Mid Wales in 1 hr 30 minutes. We had lunch at the aerodrome, and then walked into town.

In this video, watch how I used an aggressive forward-slip to lose height on final approach, and hear me review what happened, and reflect on whether I should have gone-around.

2 Comments on "I Probably should have gone-around"

  1. Hi Jon.

    Very entertaining as usual. I feel a bit sorry for Alistair as he always seems to be your passenger when something slightly unnerving occurs.
    Nice recovery from the steep approach.

    Oh, and more than happy to see more dog photo interludes in future

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