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I deliver birthday presents to my Brother, by flying from Redhill to Bournemouth.

Join me live for special guests, bloopers, 2020 highlights and a seasonal quiz!

I finally get signed off on my tailwheel conversion, after practising wheeler landings, forward slips, and tarmac touchdowns.

I bring you news of an exciting LIVE Flying Reporter episode….

I have spent all 470 hours of my flying in nose-wheel aircraft. It’s time to see if I can tame a taildragger.

My friends and I fly from La Rochelle, to two other French seaside resorts. The quaint Quiberon peninsula and Dinard.

I’m touring France in our PA28. In this video I fly from Calais to Rennes, then on to La Rochelle.

There was a time when you could travel without fear of having to quarantine.  In between peaks in the Covid pandemic, I managed a few days touring France in our PA28.

In this special report, I travel to the Slovenian/Italian border to try flight in Pipistrel’s Velis Electro.  The world’s first certified electric aeroplane.

Flying from Scotland, to Wales down the Great Glen in the PA28, past Loch Ness, Ben Nevis, and the Isle of Man.

I didn’t give this short 10 minute flight enough respect, and consequently messed up.

I visit a luxury fly-in retreat in the Scottish Highlands, and see a real example of why it’s always essential to carry fuel in reserve.

A special VFR clearance allows you to transit a control zone when you cannot maintain Visual Flight Rules.

One of the benefits of a private pilot license, is the ability to get places quickly, without the hassle of traffic jams and airport security.

To depart south from Blackbushe aerodrome, you have to transit Farnborough’s controlled airspace