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As Britain opens up again after months and months of restrictions, I fly my son to Blackpool, for a day of rollercoaster action.

The Flying Reporter asks Robert Courts MP, the UK’s Minister for Aviation, what his government plans to do to help general aviation cope with the various challenges it faces.

I was live from the Air Traffic Control Tower at Redhill aerodrome.

I fly to Goodwood, a former Battle of Britain airfield in West Sussex, to check that I’m still able to fly in sub-optimal conditions and get enough landings in my logbook so that I can carry passengers again.

After 3 months grounded, I finally return to flight.

In my latest video the quick reaction of my instructor saves me from pilot induced oscillation.

My first lesson in a 1942 WW2 T6 Harvard at Earls Colne Airfield, Essex.

This flight acted as a good example of what happens when you fly through an aerodrome’s instrument feather.

Autumn in the UK brings with it some beautiful flying opportunities, but also sees a return to morning mist and low cloud.

I deliver birthday presents to my Brother, by flying from Redhill to Bournemouth.

Join me live for special guests, bloopers, 2020 highlights and a seasonal quiz!

I finally get signed off on my tailwheel conversion, after practising wheeler landings, forward slips, and tarmac touchdowns.

I bring you news of an exciting LIVE Flying Reporter episode….

I have spent all 470 hours of my flying in nose-wheel aircraft. It’s time to see if I can tame a taildragger.

My friends and I fly from La Rochelle, to two other French seaside resorts. The quaint Quiberon peninsula and Dinard.