Video: Pilot decision making

Light aircraft flying is all about making decisions.  Be it about the weather, which route to fly, how much fuel to carry etc etc.  Viewers from my YouTube channel have told me that they really enjoy watching me make those decisions in my videos, so this film explores that process in more detail.

Video: Diversion aversion

Dodging a moderate rain shower when you’re flying is usually no big deal.  But when the shower is parked right on your route, and there’s restricted airspace to your left, right and below you, and controlled airspace above you, things can get a little tricky.  This was the scenario faced during my return flight from Gloucestershire to Biggin Hill.

Video: Dodging showers in the PA28

Jon and Alastair fly from Biggin Hill to Gloucestershire in India Zulu for brunch, and end up diverting around showers and discovering an unexpected guest on board.

VFR into IMC flight

I had to abort my local flight from Biggin Hill, after entering potentially freezing IMC weather shortly after take off.

Video: WW2 forts tour

I have been curious for some time, about several mysterious landmarks in the Thames Estuary, that feature on my Southern England aeronautical chart.  It turns out they are a network of former World War Two, Army and Navy sea forts.  

Cloud surfing pictures

On 11th January, I took a short IFR flight from Biggin Hill, to keep the skills fresh.  I was in cloud for the majority of the flight and it tested my IMC rating to the max.  

Video: Cloud surfing in Kent

This is my first solo IFR flight after obtaining my UK restricted instrument rating.  I was keen to get the rating, so that there were more opportunities for me to fly in the UK, despite it’s pesky, rotten weather.  

The Flying Reporter

Today I collected my UK IR(R) restricted instrument rating from the CAA at Gatwick.  I’m pleased to say I achieved 100% in the theoretical knowledge test, and performed well during my instrument skills test.  

Instrument Rating (Restricted)

I have started training for my UK restricted instrument rating, which will allow me to fly (subject to conditions) in cloud and poor visibility in certain UK airspace.  After about five or so lessons from Headcorn Aerodrome, I’m starting to train how to fly holding patterns and procedures.