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In this special report, I travel to the Slovenian/Italian border to try flight in Pipistrel’s Velis Electro.  The world’s first certified electric aeroplane.

Flying from Scotland, to Wales down the Great Glen in the PA28, past Loch Ness, Ben Nevis, and the Isle of Man.

I didn’t give this short 10 minute flight enough respect, and consequently messed up.

I visit a luxury fly-in retreat in the Scottish Highlands, and see a real example of why it’s always essential to carry fuel in reserve.

A special VFR clearance allows you to transit a control zone when you cannot maintain Visual Flight Rules.

One of the benefits of a private pilot license, is the ability to get places quickly, without the hassle of traffic jams and airport security.

To depart south from Blackbushe aerodrome, you have to transit Farnborough’s controlled airspace

I return to Blackbushe from Blackpool in the piper arrow 3, after meeting up with Plane Old Ben.

While recreational flying has been permitted, and commercial pilot training already back underway, instruction for private pilots is still prohibited.

After 60 days on the ground owing to the Coronavirus restrictions, I was eager to get current again.

In this episode, I have a bit of fun with the X-Plane 11 home simulator, since real flying has been out of the question recently. I practise some engine failures after take off, stalls, and see if I can take off and land a 737 from a short grass airfield.

Before I learnt to fly real aeroplanes, I flew simulated ones on Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  Because of the recent Covid lockdown, I decided to revive my virtual flying.

Just before the we were ordered to ‘stay at home’, I was able to take one last flight.

The Flying Reporter discusses the impact of Coronavirus on general aviation, including how to protect your aeroplane’s engine from corrosion.

PPL Mentor Irv Lee, talks to the Flying Reporter about the exemptions and extensions the CAA & EASA has published, to help pilots with their ratings and medicals affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.