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There is a little-used procedure to help pilots suffering almost complete instrumentation failure in IMC, to get on the ground safely.

To offset the gloom caused by the worldwide lockdown, you sent in dozens of photos.

Friend of the channel, ATCO Henry Spurgeon at Southend aerodrome asked me if I’d be a guinea pig for some training he needed to do.

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You’ll need to fasten your seatbelts for this flight from Blackbushe to Turweston.

I learn how to fly a Piper Arrow 3, which has a variable pitch propeller and retractable gear.

I flew to Lydd to practise my night landings, but things didn’t quite go smoothly.

You’ve seen it on YouTube, now here’s your chance to fly it!

I’m thrown into the deep end, and made to land a 737 simulator, after a hypothetical emergency on-board, that leaves the flight deck crew incapacitated.

I think I suffered from pilot complacency when taking a short flight from Redhill to North Weald.

I fly my son to Rotterdam during his school half-term.

I have to revalidate my restricted instrument rating every 25 months with a flight test. As I approached the deadline for my test, I took a flight with an instructor to brush up on some rusty skills.

Watch as I encounter Poor visibility on a crossing of the English Channel, a wake turbulence warning near Amsterdam, and parachutists on landing.  

In the final part of this series, I demonstrate the procedures and typical radiotelephony when operating from an aerodrome in controlled airspace in the UK.

In part 3 of my aerodrome and radio telephony series, I demonstrate the procedures used when operating from an aerodrome in the UK with full ATC.