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I’ve been busy filming a new mini series, demonstrating aerodrome and radiotelephony procedures in the UK.

In part 2 of this series, I demonstrate the procedures and typical radiotelephony when operating from an AFISO aerodrome in the UK. I visit Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green aerodrome.

I’m pleased to release part 1 in my long-anticipated series which goes behind the scenes at UK aerodromes.  In the four episodes, I give real-world examples of what’s involved with flying into and out of various types of aerodrome in the UK, and highlight the differences in  procedures.

After enjoying unhindered passage across France in the PA28, through class D and C airspace, TMAs, CTAs and CTRs, we get a brutal reality check on our return to the UK.

We head north from Le Mans, with Redhill in our sights.  We stop at Deauville for lunch and to clear customs.

Le Mans is best known for its sports car racing, but next to the race track is an aerodrome.  We popped in there for an overnight stay, on our way back to the UK.

As we depart north from Carcassonne in the PA28, and climb to FL65, the oil temperature in the Piper Warrior’s engine peaks, causing me to consider my options.

Part 3 of my 2019 flying adventure in France – La Rochelle to Carcassonne.

Part 2 of my 2019 Europe adventure sees us depart from the Channel Islands and head south into the mid west of France.

Episode 1 of my 4 day flying excursion around France.

Dr Simon Keeling & The Flying Reporter provide hints and tips for forecasting the weather for pilots.

Because I’m now flying further afield and on multi-day trips, I needed to improve my forecasting skills. So I attended a special weather school for pilots.

Welshpool has a higher circuit than most aerodromes, because of terrain. Owing to a slight mis-judgement, I struggled to lose the height in time for landing.

In this bonus video, The Flying Reporter, reports from Weather School.

Fellow YouTube pilot Ben Cornwell joined me in the PA28 for a day trip to the Isle of Wight.