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On our return flight from Hawarden to Redhill, my son got air-sick, and we diverted to Oxford.

After being grounded by a knackered engine for 4 months, Oscar Romeo is back in the skies again and is a freshly overhauled machine . It was my turn to fly her, so I took my son up to North Wales for a couple of nights.

Join me live from Redhill Aerodrome with Plane Old Ben

It’s the news you and I have been waiting for. Oscar Romeo is almost out of the sick bay.

As I fly over the cities, towns and villages of Kent & Sussex, I recall the news stories I’ve covered down below.

Airmanship is what keeps pilots and their passengers alive. I found the standard of mine lacking when I reviewed the video from a recent flight.

I blow off some cobwebs, flying an RNAV approach in IMC.

On 9 January 2019, my friend Simon Moores, a banner towing pilot from Kent, died in an aeroplane crash in Spain.

A flight from Redhill to Le Touquet with my son was full of valuable learning points, including a terrible landing.

I gathered my favourite YouTube pilots, to bring you a special Christmas video.

After a lovely day walking around Alderney, I return across the English Channel to Redhill in Golf-Oscar Romeo.  

Alderney in the Channel Islands, is just a 90 minute flight away from Redhill in a PA28.  I took advantage of some early autumn sun, to make a day trip.

Our PA28 engine was in worse shape that we first thought.  I visited the overhaul workshop to learn more.

Before Oscar Romeo was grounded, Instructor James Lee & I flew to Deauville in France for lunch.

I have news from Oscar Romeo’s annual.  The annual is mandatory maintenance to light aircraft, and involves a five day inspection.