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A glider ditched in the sea off Beachy Head in East Sussex on Saturday 13 October 2018. Gary Ramsdale, a light aircraft pilot, flying overhead reported the emergency to the UK distress and diversion cell on 121.5, thereby ensuring that the Coastguard helicopter knew the precise location.

I fly the family back home from our weekend stopover in Jersey, but have to do so under instrument flight rules.

It was always my dream, that my private pilot license would allow me to take the family on holiday.  Now, that dream is finally coming true.

This is the final episode in my European Adventure series.  I fly from Linz in Austria to Redhill in England.

This was my most difficult flight undertaken to date.  While trying to cross the Alps from Croatia to Austria, I end up diverting due to cloud and high terrain.

I am frequently asked how does one file a flight plan?  In this video I attempt to answer that question.

In May 2018 I joined three other aircraft on a five day tour of Europe, flying through France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Belgium. 

The Flying Reporter gets a taste of the Farnborough Airshow.

The Flying Reporter visits his first Aero Expo at Wycombe Air Park.

After several failed attempts because of poor weather, The Flying Reporter finally crosses the channel to Belgium.

After recent events at Biggin Hill, and an increasingly anti-light aircraft atmosphere there, we have decided to move our PA28 to Redhill.

I attempt my first, really short, short-field take off.  I fly from Redhill’s runway 25, just 498m long.

Would you know what to do, if you had to crash your aeroplane in the sea?  The Flying Reporter joins other pilots on an extreme survival course to learn new safety skills.

My son and I diverted to Leicester on our way back from Sherburn in Elmet after he fell ill due to the turbulence.  We weren’t able to complete our journey for another 3 days because of bad weather.

Biggin Hill Airport has told the three based flying schools there, that their leases will not be renewed.  This effectively means that ab-initio training at the aerodrome will cease in six months’ time.