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The Flying Reporter gets a taste of the Farnborough Airshow.

The Flying Reporter visits his first Aero Expo at Wycombe Air Park.

After several failed attempts because of poor weather, The Flying Reporter finally crosses the channel to Belgium.

After recent events at Biggin Hill, and an increasingly anti-light aircraft atmosphere there, we have decided to move our PA28 to Redhill.

I attempt my first, really short, short-field take off.  I fly from Redhill’s runway 25, just 498m long.

Would you know what to do, if you had to crash your aeroplane in the sea?  The Flying Reporter joins other pilots on an extreme survival course to learn new safety skills.

My son and I diverted to Leicester on our way back from Sherburn in Elmet after he fell ill due to the turbulence.  We weren’t able to complete our journey for another 3 days because of bad weather.

Biggin Hill Airport has told the three based flying schools there, that their leases will not be renewed.  This effectively means that ab-initio training at the aerodrome will cease in six months’ time. 

After an ILS approach to Biggin Hill’s runway 21, I encountered challenging wind shear on short-final.  Watch how I handled it.

I finally managed to get airborne after six weeks stuck on the ground due to the weather.  There was a lot of low cloud around, but as the air temperature had warmed, it was suitable to fly IMC.

In this mini series, I demonstrate some of the steps I follow, when preparing for a light general aviation flight in the UK.  

Happy New Year! On 2 January, I hosted a live private pilot surgery / q&a.  You can watch the broadcast again here, and follow links to information and resources referred to during the event.

See what it’s like to depart a busy aerodrome about an hour or so before sunset, when everyone has the same idea as you! In this flight I depart Kemble (Cotswold) aerodrome for Biggin Hill. 

My friends, I’ll be hosting my first ever private pilot surgery on facebook live on 2 January at 2000z.  I will have an experienced panel ready and waiting to answer your burning questions. 

It took nearly two hours to defrost Oscar romeo, fit cameras, and get the engine started for my last return trip of 2017.  My destination was Kemble, a lovely tarmac strip in the Cotswold district.