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After an ILS approach to Biggin Hill’s runway 21, I encountered challenging wind shear on short-final.  Watch how I handled it.

I finally managed to get airborne after six weeks stuck on the ground due to the weather.  There was a lot of low cloud around, but as the air temperature had warmed, it was suitable to fly IMC.

In this mini series, I demonstrate some of the steps I follow, when preparing for a light general aviation flight in the UK.  

Happy New Year! On 2 January, I hosted a live private pilot surgery / q&a.  You can watch the broadcast again here, and follow links to information and resources referred to during the event.

See what it’s like to depart a busy aerodrome about an hour or so before sunset, when everyone has the same idea as you! In this flight I depart Kemble (Cotswold) aerodrome for Biggin Hill. 

My friends, I’ll be hosting my first ever private pilot surgery on facebook live on 2 January at 2000z.  I will have an experienced panel ready and waiting to answer your burning questions. 

It took nearly two hours to defrost Oscar romeo, fit cameras, and get the engine started for my last return trip of 2017.  My destination was Kemble, a lovely tarmac strip in the Cotswold district.

  Crossing one of the busiest sections of UK airspace in a light aircraft can appear a daunting prospect, but in practice it’s not as difficult as it might seem.  On this trip through London Gatwick’s Class D controlled airspace I had an expert in the cockpit with me –  an air traffic controller who works in the tower at the airport.

The standard overhead join is a common method of joining an aerodrome circuit in the UK.  It often causes confusion, and isn’t universally loved.  In my latest video I attempt to demonstrate how it is flown.

Can you spot The Flying Reporter’s silly mistake?  On this routine departure from Elstree aerodrome in my PA28, I let something slip.  See if you can spot what it was.

In my latest video, viewer Jack Fox treats me to a tour of London in a Cabri G2 helicopter.  It beats the London Eye hands down!  

The Flying Reporter Vs Plane Old Ben.  Britain’s best known YouTube pilots challenge each other to a hover-off.

In this video, The Flying Reporter questions the effectiveness of his visual scanning technique, after two reasonably close encounters with other traffic on a short local flight.  A misjudgement of the approach at Lydd  also forces a go-around.

For pilots to be able to carry passengers at night, they must have a night rating, and have performed one take off and landing at night in the previous 90 days.  Through the summer, it becomes difficult to maintain that currency, but now that the nights have started drawing in, I was able to take a short local flight in the dark, and have made this video of the trip.   Flying at night is completely different from a daytime trip.  If you’re VFR, then you’ll find you’ll have to adapt to the different way towns, roads, cities and landmarks

Experiencing glider flying for the first time.