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This is the video of our return trip to Biggin Hill from Dundee.  A wonderful flight which included a rest stop at Humberside, but ended with Bertie being sick shortly before landing.

Part 2 of my journey from Biggin Hill to Dundee in G-BHOR sees us fly from Humberside to Dundee.

A few of you have asked me how I manage to fly solo with a young child on board.  In this flight, my son and I tackle the first leg of a 372nm trip from London to Scotland with my 9 year old son.

The Flying Reporter goes behind the scenes of a banner towing operation over Damyns Hall in Essex.

YouTube pilots The Flying Reporter & Plane Old Ben go on an adventure together in the new Cirrus SR22T G6.

This was my longest flight to date – a return day-trip to Blackpool, and I even came back with a trophy!

On 27th March 2017, I flew the PA28 from Biggin Hill to Jersey with my favourite wing-man, Alastair.  

Non directional beacons (NDBs) are old-school navigational aids for pilots, but are still very much in use in the UK for instrument procedures and en-route navigation.  On this flight, I practise tracking to and from NDBs, and fly an instrument hold at Southend.

I had to navigate around freezing cloud tops on my return flight from Hawarden to Biggin Hill.

I took my son for a couple of nights away in North Wales, flying from Biggin Hill to Hawarden.  The flight illustrated the challenges of flying with a young child.

Some months back, I was flying my family to North Wales for a holiday when I suffered a mid-air problem with the aircraft.  I declared ‘pan-pan’ and diverted to Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome.

My brother lives in Bournemouth, but the drive there can take up to three hours in the car, so I decided to fly down to see him instead.

For my 1st flight in the new aircraft, G-BHOR, I practised flying in IMC, with an instrument approach to Lydd.

The Flying Reporter has new wings.  A 1980 PA28-161 Warrior 2 based at Biggin Hill.

I flew a return trip between Biggin Hill and Northampton Sywell, to mark my last time in G-CEIZ, the PA28 that has been my aircraft of choice for more than 2 years.