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Non directional beacons (NDBs) are old-school navigational aids for pilots, but are still very much in use in the UK for instrument procedures and en-route navigation.  On this flight, I practise tracking to and from NDBs, and fly an instrument hold at Southend.

I had to navigate around freezing cloud tops on my return flight from Hawarden to Biggin Hill.

I took my son for a couple of nights away in North Wales, flying from Biggin Hill to Hawarden.  The flight illustrated the challenges of flying with a young child.

Some months back, I was flying my family to North Wales for a holiday when I suffered a mid-air problem with the aircraft.  I declared ‘pan-pan’ and diverted to Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome.

My brother lives in Bournemouth, but the drive there can take up to three hours in the car, so I decided to fly down to see him instead.

For my 1st flight in the new aircraft, G-BHOR, I practised flying in IMC, with an instrument approach to Lydd.

The Flying Reporter has new wings.  A 1980 PA28-161 Warrior 2 based at Biggin Hill.

I flew a return trip between Biggin Hill and Northampton Sywell, to mark my last time in G-CEIZ, the PA28 that has been my aircraft of choice for more than 2 years.

In this video, I tackle a recent dip in my pilot confidence and run through the procedures for flying from an aerodrome with full ATC, such as Biggin Hill.

In this video, the flying reporter shows how pilots use a good lookout, and air traffic services to avoid mid-air collisions.

The flying reporter suffers an electrical problem while flying the PA28 over Essex.  

In this video, The Flying Reporter makes an instrument approach to Biggin Hill, utilising vectors from Thames Radar. ¬†Because Biggin Hill’s glideslope was unserviceable, we flew the LOC/DME approach.

The flying reporter gets stuck into some proper instrument flying practice on a flight from Biggin Hill to Lydd. ¬†It’s only a short hop, but ends in an ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach.

YouTube subscriber Stefan, from Australia, asked The Flying Reporter to take him on a tour of Kent, where he grew up.

My son steps aboard India Zulu for his first flight with his dad.