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The Flying Reporter joins fellow YouTubers for a flight over the Space Shuttle Landing Facility at Cape Canaveral, Florida

Due to low cloud, I flew an IFR departure from Biggin Hill.  I landed at Wellesbourne, then picked up a friend for a tour of local landmarks.

The Flying Reporter is forced to reject a take off in the PA28 at Biggin Hill Airport in gusty cross winds.

In this video, you see me struggle to integrate into the VFR circuit at Peterborough (Conington) aerodrome.  

Some of my followers have been asking me to do a video on how I plan my flights.  Rather than do a 10 minute video about it, I presented a live Facebook show on Monday evening.  It’s a long video but if it’s your thing, then please have a watch.

After a short stop at Old Buckenham aerodrome in Norfolk, it was time to return India Zulu back to Biggin Hill.  This was a very straightforward flight, using radio navigation to guide me back home.

It was about time I used my pilots license to actually travel somewhere!  I’ve spent so much time flying locally, practicing procedures and techniques, that I was beginning to forget what the purpose of this all was.  I chose to fly to Old Buckenham Aerodrome in Norfolk, since it was only about 1 hour away.

I had been asked by some of my followers if I could film some private pilot practice manoeuvres, and so I took India Zulu down to Romney Marsh to do simulated engine failures, steep turns, a practice diversion and then a glide approach to land.

They say it’s important to continuously practice flying in IMC, as without doing so, a pilot can become rusty.  To that end, I took a reasonably short local IFR flight from Biggin Hill in the PA28.

On the afternoon of this flight, there was a 30% probability of cumulonimbus clouds, thunderstorms and hail.  For this reason, I stayed reasonably local, touring the Isle of Wight before heading back.  However, the plan had to constantly adapt to avoid the developing bad weather.

Jon flew his first cross-channel trip over the Easter weekend, to have lunch in Le Touquet with his friend and colleague, Alastair.  

Light aircraft flying is all about making decisions.  Be it about the weather, which route to fly, how much fuel to carry etc etc.  Viewers from my YouTube channel have told me that they really enjoy watching me make those decisions in my videos, so this film explores that process in more detail.

Dodging a moderate rain shower when you’re flying is usually no big deal.  But when the shower is parked right on your route, and there’s restricted airspace to your left, right and below you, and controlled airspace above you, things can get a little tricky.  This was the scenario faced during my return flight from Gloucestershire to Biggin Hill.

Jon and Alastair fly from Biggin Hill to Gloucestershire in India Zulu for brunch, and end up diverting around showers and discovering an unexpected guest on board.

I had to abort my local flight from Biggin Hill, after entering potentially freezing IMC weather shortly after take off.