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This is a single-payment subscription costing £5.  After one month, your access will cease.  This membership is for people who want to access content for a limited time only.

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I take pride in the quality of the content I create and it is a labour of love, but it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming almost a full-time job.  By signing up for a low-cost subscription, you’re showing me that you value the content, you’re helping me fund more creative productions, while at the same time receiving some extra benefits.

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Every time new content is released you’ll receive an email, with a link to access the latest releases.  The back-catalogue of bonus content, along with GPS tracks can be found by logging into my website using a username and password that you’ll submit when you sign up.

Subscription terms

  • This is a single payment subscription.  You will be charged a one-off fee of £5.00. 
  • After 1 month, your access to the Early Bird/bonus content will be terminated.  

(*) Subject to production timelines.  Most videos will be made available early, but some with a topical content may not be.


This option gives you access to the bonus material and early releases for 1 month only, after-which, you will no longer have access.

If you’re wanting to watch a particular video early, please make sure the video has been released to my early bird subscribers before signing up for this option.  You can see what’s available above.

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